Smith Sisters and the Sunday Drivers are an AWARD WINNING American Roots Duo located in Orange County, California.

Who are the Smith Sisters? Kelli and Wendi Smith indeed are sisters who formed Smith Sisters and The Sunday Drivers in 2016 but have been singing and performing together their entire lives.  

Who are “The Sunday Drivers”?  Well, Here’s the long answer… Because the Smith Sisters like to mix things up they record and perform with a variety of singers, dancers, and musicians across the nation.  From the West Coast to the East Coast and all the way in between.  These are “The Sunday Drivers!” With that said, The Sunday Drivers are not always musicians in fact, ALL radio hosts who play their music are also The Sunday Drivers.  In fact, not everyone knows this but YOU also are The Sunday Drivers!  Our fans are the ones who join us for the ride, keep us on the road and the reason we do our music!  



Meet Pat Hannon also known as one of the Smith Sisters Sunday Drivers!  He has recorded with us most recently on these 2 singles.  More to come!

What is the hope? Smith Sisters and The Sunday Drivers hope to bring family-friendly wholesome American Roots Music into the homes and venues across America and across the world!  The sisters tell true, fun and hilarious stories about their childhood through their music, while also telling heartwarming tales that will clinch your heart. 

Television, Radio and Performances The Sisters have appeared on television including iTV’s “Tyne Tees” in The United Kingdom and “Good Day Sacramento” in Sacramento, California. Governor Huckabee mentioned “Around the Bend” music video in his Newsletter and named them “Huck’s Heroes!” 

In addition to television, their music has been featured on numerous syndicated radio shows including (but not limited to) famed Uncle Floyd Garage Sale Music on WFDU-FM 89.1 “The Listeners Lounge”; Lyons Radio Network(iHeart Radio) and The Bluegrass Jamboree plus many more. In fact, at last count they were being played on airwaves in 193 countries! The Smith Sisters have repeatedly charted on several radio stations with their most recent being The Road to Rosie McCann. This single crossed-over 2 charts simultaneously on both the Country chart at #1 and the Bluegrass chart at #3.

Some notable live performances include Kjazz Summer Concert Series with host and radio personality Bubba Jackson, Downtown Disney at Disneyland, The Ritz Carlton Resort, The NAMM Show, the renowned Sky Room, numerous festivals and summer concerts throughout California.

The Smith Sister’s also write and record music and radio jingles which have be picked up and played regularly on radio stations across the world.



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GOOD DAY SACRAMENTO Television Appearance:


The Smith Sisters make music that tells beautiful stories that touch your heart with the tracks If You Love Me, Pennies On the Ground, I Could Quit You In A Minute, Face To Face, I Wanna Be A Star In Heaven, and By His Grace.  I was quite impressed with the vocals and harmonies on this album as well as their performance and how it was written and recorded.  If you are a bluegrass fan as I am, you will definitely want to add this album to your music library.  I am looking forward to hearing more from this amazing duo. – Oasis Entertainment

“Gives us a new sound in bluegrass to listen to… thank you!”– Jerry Eicher, Ol’ Hippie Bluegrass Show

“Love Momma! Been dancing around the garden outside my studio on a glorious sunny afternoon in Scotland.” – The Music Machine Scotland, Mark Waters

“These ladies have put together a collection of songs that are true and dear to their hearts, songs full of real life stories and life lessons learned. Songs of love for their family and songs that will bring a smile to your face! Enjoy!”– Hulda Quebe (of “The Quebe Sisters”)

“Smith Sisters have always given us sweet harmony and often sentimental songs. “Face To Face” is a new offering from them giving waltz style ‘country comfort’ to anyone who has lost a family member. Its gentle styling, clean believable vocals, musicianship and delivery all add to a great song.” – Brian Clough, CMA International Broadcaster of the Year 2009 – The American Connection Country Music Show (UK)

“In a song like Face to Face  by the Smith Sisters, Father’s Day is illustrated in love with beautiful original lyrics, tight delivery, and the band’s classic styled Country Music musicianship. Their late Dad’s lingering love is united with them (Kelli & Wendi) through well crafted verses, harmony and sincerity within this recording. The lucid dream scenario in this song of seeing their father and holding his hand, gives us who are listening the assurance that they will all be together again in the next life. “Face to Face” by the Smith Sisters is a country song that could perhaps easily be licensed for an A-lister like Emmy Lou Harris or Dolly Parton.” Grade: A+ – Steve Cool Beans Pullara, GRAMMY® Recipient Producer, Twice Nominated and Multi-Award Winning Recording Artist & Producer 

“The Smith Sisters have some of the sweetest voices you’ll ever hear.” – Brent Fischer, Grammy®-winning Producer, Arranger (Michael Jackson, D’Angelo, Prince)

“This is possibly the freshest, invorgorating version of “Jesus Loves Me” that I have ever heard. Thank you for sharing it with me. I love it and have already archived the MP3.” Ron Oates, Pianist, Keyboardist, Arranger, Songwriter, Composer

“The Smith Sisters and The Sunday Drivers deliver another fresh, uplifting song celebrating the heart and soul of our American heritage. From the very beginning, the song tells a story while the music sings to the heart. This is a Twenty-first century Bluegrass with a kiss of country.” – Steven Jones, Owner/Operator Rocking the Valley Podcast – Lehigh, PA

“Finally Someone does a definitive version of Jesus Loves Me! I’m so happy to hear this. I have played it five or six times and I always bump it up for the solos to hear the banjo and fiddle. Thanks for sharing this with the world!” – Steven McClintock, Music Producer, 37 Records

Contact Smith Sisters and The Sunday Drivers:

Email: SSandTSD@gmail.com


PO Box 2086, Mission Viejo, CA 92690